24 Hour Roadside Assisstance

The Premium Coverage Plan with 365 Home Warranty includes 24 Hour Roadside Assistance

365 Home Warranty was built on the premise that every home should be protected to a plan that fits its family’s needs. Different families have appliances with different values and histories, and our coverage plans enable customers to choose what is best for them and their pocketbooks. But one aspect of coverage that does apply across the board is our additional coverages. The Premium plan comes with 24-hour roadside assistance at no additional charge.

Protect Yourself from the Inconvenience of a Blow Out with 24 Hour Tire Service

It’s 7:30pm. You’ve got your kids in the backseat, one wailing with hunger, the other late for soccer practice, and you have been running off of a cup of coffee and a banana for the last twelve hours. Really, when is the right time for a tire blowout? Hard to say, but certainly “now” is not the answer. With a 365 Home Warranty, the same time you could be bemoaning your rotten luck is time you’ll be using to thank your stars you were covered for precisely this situation. Your children are safe, your car is okay, and you are covered with 24-hour tire service at no cost to you.

Stay Safe Day and Night with a 24 Hour Towing Service

Not only does your coverage support tire services, even if you get locked out or run out of fuel (gas, we mean – we have not yet expanded to roadside espresso services), your Home Warranty coverage can come to your aid. Coverage provides free assistance for other roadside services as well, such as quick-fix mechanic issues, towing, and jump-starts – all day, every day, anywhere in the United States.

24 hour Road Service Means You Are Covered Anywhere, Anytime

With this additional road service, your home warranty follows you outside of the home to anywhere in the country. 365 Home Warranty is the only warranty service provider that extends to all fifty states. We offer protection to your family whether you find yourself in need of road service in the cornfields of Iowa or along the coast of Louisiana.

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