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365 Home Warranty Makes the Life Vest Inside Kindness Revolution part of their Charitable Donation Program

18.04.2016 / Comments are off


Edison, NJ – In 2014 365 Home Warranty, Corp. developed and launched a charitable donation program focused on social responsibility and community building. Every customers with 365 Home Warranty coverage can make a $2.00 donation at the time of purchase to one of the approved nonprofit partners. All partners have been chosen carefully and intentionally. On May 12, 2014 365 Home Warranty announced its newest member organization, Life Vest Inside.

“We believe social responsibility is more than just giving charitable donations,” states 365 Home Warranty, Corp. President Harry Bailey. “It’s about promoting ideas and philosophies that serve to benefit, elevate, and empower individuals to create a healthier nation, and a better society. We are so thoroughly impressed with the work of Life Vest Inside,” he continues. “They’ve done a fantastic job reaching millions of people with their truly universal message of spreading kindness and really helping people build self esteem and a sense of dignity and importance through acts of kindness,” Bailey shares, “we’re very excited to partner with such a great organization.”

Life Vest Inside (LVI) is a non profit organization dedicated to spreading kindness and inspiring people to build self-esteem and self-value. LVI’s number one goal is to help people see the AMAZING and WONDERFUL potential they have to make a difference in the world through simple yet powerful acts of kindness! “Life Vest Inside is honored and excited to be forging a relationship with 365 Home Warranty Corp,”  states founder Orly Wahba, “and we look forward to building a kinder, happier and more unified world hand in hand.”


Life Vest Inside runs solely on the contributions of fans and supporters. LVI’s programs are innovative and creative and include a variety of activities. Become a kindness ambassador and receive weekly kindness tasks to complete. Join the AOK Card Campaign and invite others to raise awareness about the daily opportunities every person has to brighten the day of others. Join the largest global event to celebrate World Kindness Day and the Dance for Kindness, a worldwide flashmob spanning forty cities in twenty-five countries. Participate in Project Hope Exchange; share a 30 second audio message of hope with others currently facing difficulty or adversity.

For more information about LVI and its mission to spread kindness across the world watch the Kindness Boomerang video. Get on board with 365 Hoe Warranty and the Kindness Revolution. Life Vest Inside can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

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365 Home Warranty Corp.
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