Appliance Repairs

Appliance Repairs are an Integral Part of a Home Warranty

The Average Cost of Appliance Repairs

When your fridge goes on the fritz, you have to weigh the costs of repair versus the costs of a big purchase, which can get tricky if your appliances aren’t under warranty. For labor, parts, and customer service time, the cost of an average appliance repair usually runs from $160 to $275 (HomeAdvisor aggregate data, May 2014). While this repair may make financial sense when you paid four or five times that much for its purchase, it still doesn’t evoke a warm and fuzzy feeling when the bill comes in. With an aftermarket warranty, your payments and protection are upfront and consistent – you’ll never have that feeling of dread (at least from a financial perspective) when the toaster sparks or the dishwasher begins to foam at the mouth. Should your appliances rebel, you are a phone call away from a repair with no additional out-of-pocket costs.

Hire Trustworthy, Experienced Professionals to Repair Appliances

Before you commit to a professional repair service, you’ll want to ask around for reviews and feedback on their quality and reliability. 365 Home Warranty offers 24/7 technical assistance to help you locate expert repair services all across the nation. Whether you’re in the heart of Atlanta or Nimrod, MN, we make it our mission to provide support in connecting you with supportive repairs conducted by trustworthy, experienced professionals.

Choose a Home Warranty Plan that Covers more than Appliance Repair

Home ownership is the ultimate manifestation of Murphy’s Law – you know the air conditioner will need repair on a holiday weekend in the summer, and the plumbing will back up just as your guests pull in the drive. You can see those moves coming and you’ll be ready with an aftermarket warranty. But what to do when your appliances offer you a peace treaty in that long stretch of time between the holidays and festivities? Murphy would affirm that outside reinforcements will keep you humble with your laptop going on the fritz just before a deadline or getting a flat tire when you’re late for work. 365 Home Warranty knows the game and all the moves, which is why we cover more than just home system and appliance repair. We are the only warranty service that also throws in lock-out and key-replacement services, computer protection, and roadside services at no additional charge. Stay one step ahead in the game by protecting yourself against other foreseeable emergencies.

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