Auto Locksmith Services

3 Reasons to Purchase a Warranty Plan with Auto Locksmith Services Included

We live in the era of freebies. Get a free dessert with your order of a hamburger and fries; get a free set of bed linens when you make a down payment on your new bed. At 365 Home Warranty however, we aren’t trying to sell you on flippant bonus deals of sweets and off-brand bed furnishings. Our comprehensive home warranty plans include free locksmith services to take protection beyond your threshold of your home and add a truly valuable service in protecting your family.

Locked out? Call for Emergency Rekey Services

After a long day of work and an armload of groceries, the last thing you want is to come home to discover that you’re locked out. But knowing that your car key is floating around out in the world needn’t result in dread and anxiety. Every 365 Home Warranty plan comes with a free emergency rekey service.

Make Key Replacement Easy and Affordable

This principle carries to your automobiles as well. Car keys, notorious for hiding out in grocery store parking lots, old gym bags, or the bottom of the kids toy box, often need replacement. In order to deal with these unexpected crises and reduce stress we extend these services to nearly all of the places you can lock yourself out.

Getting your Keys Locked in the Car Does Not Have to Ruin Your Day

Locking your keys in the car or losing them does not have to be frustrating and upsetting. In fact, it can be a time to sit back, make a list for the day, or play a game with your kids. You know you are covered, you know the locksmiths with 365 Home Warranty are on their way, and you know you won’t have to pay a dime because it’s an absolutely free service offered through your plan. Get a quote today and find out how 365 Home Warranty puts your safety and security first.

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