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Why Choose 365 Home Warranty above other Home Warranty Companies?

Variety and Optional Coverages for Your Home Protection Plan

365 Home Warranty offers a variety of packages to suit your lifestyle and your financial circumstances. From the most minimal coverage to full protection of all appliances and home systems, we work with clients to find the ideal home protection plan. The premium plan comes with free roadside assistance for an empty tank, flat tires, towing, and mechanical issues. You can also purchase additional coverage for your television, home phone, PC, and septic system, to name a few. For a full list of our regular home protection warranties and additional coverage opportunities, visit our Coverages page.

Exceptional Customer Service and Online Support

When the banks are closed and downtown offices have been locked up for the night, 365 Home Warranty is still on standby to take your calls for emergency repairs, replacements, and roadside assistance. Our website also offers a chat feature to get immediate feedback from a live customer service representative or to help you get easy online quotes for a warranty plan that strikes your fancy.

Peruse our website for news, blogs, and resources regarding home protection warranties, appliances, home maintenance, and all content related to protecting your home. If you would like to see additional content that has not been addressed on our site or by a live representative, we welcome your input!

Choose a Home Warranty Company with a Social Responsibility Component


Our company aims to make a positive contribution to society, both by the nature of our product and by how we conduct our business. Therefore, we have identified non-profit partners to whom we donate a percentage of every home warranty plan purchased. Currently, we work with a unique organization that reduces the amount of food wasted during a move. The organization – Move for Hunger – coordinates with moving companies to donate surplus food and other home items to charities and local food banks. Another organization with which we partner is called Life Vest Inside, which uses creative campaigning to promote the values of kindness and self-esteem. Check out our partners and our social responsibility policies here.

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