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How to Buy the Right Household Appliances

18.04.2016 / Comments are off

Purchasing Household Appliances Requires Time & Research

Appliance purchase is definitely not a decision to rush into – you need time and research to find the right fit for your budget, style, and needs. While some appliances offer more attractive prices, the whir of their cycle might keep your two-year old awake. Other folks might sacrifice extra freezer storage in lieu of energy conservation. It really takes a good bit of investigation: looking at customer reviews, talking to friends, and a delightful Saturday afternoon outing or two to the display floor of the appliance store. And then, only after you make your pro-con lists, spreadsheets, coin flips, and flow charts, can you choose to throw all of that out the window to go with what feels right in your home.

Get Multiple Opinions when You Read Appliance Reviews

Companies like Consumer Reports and Good Housekeeping offer great guides and reviews to purchasing household appliances. However, there is no better resource than straight customer reviews. Before you purchase a large appliance, dig into customer comments on places like, Best Buy’s website, and the independent remarks posted on the aforementioned review sites. While the reviews will share basic information, comments can give you feedback from appliance owners about details like customer service and door hinges.

What about Buying a Used Household Appliance?

Just like buying a used car, it’s important to look at the maintenance and parts replacement history as well as the warranty. One thing is for certain, if you are going to purchase a used household appliance, you most assuredly need to purchase an external warranty, especially if the manufacturer’s warranty has since expired. If you’ve got a grab bag of household appliances from different eras, you can protect them all under one umbrella plan with a 365 Home Warranty. Get a quote on the coverage you need today!