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Protect All of Your Electrical Appliances

The Average Lifespan of Modern Electrical Appliances

The lifespan of modern electrical appliances depends on the particular appliance and its make and model, but tends to average about 13 years. Longer-lasting appliances like gas and electric ranges and refrigerators can last upwards of 17 to 19 years. Individual AC units, dishwashers, microwaves, and garbage disposals are at the shorter end of the spectrum with an average of a 10-11 year lifespan.

The Top 3 Electrical Appliance Brands on the US Market

If we’re going to go local, then we most assuredly are going to discuss Whirlpool and General Electric (GE), both of which are US-based corporations and both of which have recently made a big push to be smart-grid compatible. Not only does this evolutionary step crank up the available amenities for each appliance, but it also boosts energy savings through tracking usage. Whirlpool consistently tops charts for the quality of its appliances while still offering affordable options to mid-price range consumers. Bosch electrical appliances are almost always a smart purchase. Stylish and quiet, they are on the more luxurious end of brand scale. Bosch won four straight years of the Which? Award for the Best Home Appliance Brand from 2009-2013.

What Electric Appliances are Covered by a 365 Home Warranty?

No matter the lifespan or size, nearly every electric appliance in your home can be covered by a 365 Home Warranty plan. The most common are kitchen appliances – dishwashers, stoves, ovens, garbage disposals, etc., but we also include other household electrical appliances like washers and dryers and ceiling fans. Our plans are customizable to your budget and your home, which means you can choose how many and which specific electrical appliances you want to include. For a full list of the appliance options, visit our coverage page. If you don’t see something that you’d like to include in the plan, you can speak with a sales representative who will gladly take your suggestions and work with you to create the best package possible to suit your needs.

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