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Can I purchase a warranty for a property that I do not own?

Yes. Please call one of our sales representatives to discuss at 1-800-270-3818.

Can my contract be renewed?

Yes. 365 will contact you towards the end of your contract term and you may also log-in to your customer account and setup for automatic renewal.

When does coverage begin and end?

Coverage begins 30 days after payment and expires 12 months from the beginning of the coverage period.

Is there a service call fee?

Yes. Customers are responsible for paying the service call fee associated with their particular home service contract. Our standard service call fee is $75.

What if I need service?

We try to make things as easy and convenient as possible for our customers. If you need service, you may log-in to your account to request service online, or call your dedicated service claims hotline. If you can’t access your account and cannot find the claims service hotline number, please click here.

Can I purchase a 365 Home Warranty appliance or systems plan if I am not involved in a real estate transaction?

Yes. Any homeowner, new or old, can purchase our plans covering the major systems and appliances used in the home, as well as our additional coverage items.

If I have homeowner’s insurance, do I still need a home warranty?

A home warranty covers your home’s major systems and appliances which malfunction or experience a failure from normal wear and use. This is not covered by homeowner’s insurance which generally applies to larger structural issues with your home in the event of a hazard (i.e. storm damage, fire damage).

Can I purchase a warranty for a rental property that I own?

Yes. Regardless of whether this is your primary residence or one of your many rental properties, a 365 coverage plan is available for all of your residential properties.

I am selling my home, can 365 send me an invoice so the funds can be taken from escrow at closing?

Yes. A 365 representative can assist you with this. All we need from you is the property information, and the title company’s fax or email address.

If the items in my home are aged, would this still be covered?

Yes. Coverage applies to any age system, unit, or appliance as long as they are in good working condition upon the effective date of your plan.

How do I sign up for 365 coverage?

That’s easy! Enter your information, select the plan that is best for you, and have the comfort of 365 protection with our service that is designed to optimize our customer experience by providing the ultimate convenience and peace of mind. You may also call us at 1-800-270-3818 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you and ensure that you will be a happy customer!

Is everything covered?

No. However, our packages are optimized to offer a wide range of coverage for the items that you use most and frequently breakdown.

How is 365 different?

365 is not your average home warranty company. Most of all, we care. We genuinely want to keep our customers happy. We are a reputable home warranty company offering service throughout the country. We offer coverage options that you won’t find anywhere else, such as TV, PC, & home phone protection, as well as roadside, and lockout and re-key assistance.

What about pre-existing conditions? Would my coverage apply?

Unfortunately, coverage does not apply to any pre-existing conditions. Please read our sample contract for other limitations.

Do you offer aftermarket warranties and extended warranties?

An aftermarket or extended warranty is essentially the same thing – they are warranties that apply when there is no manufacturers warranty or the manufacturers warranty has expired. Every home warranty falls into both of these categories and can be considered an aftermarket and an extended warranty, since they are supplemental to the manufacturers warranties on the appliance and provide extended periods of protection

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