Home Appliance Warranty Plan

How to Choose the Right Home Appliance Warranty Plan

Why are there Multiple Warranty Plans?

Adobe hut, ranch, mansion, English Tudor, stick-build, Victorian, Neoclassical, yurt, log cabin…homes are as diverse as their owners are. And each of those owners has a unique budget for home maintenance and protection. At 365 Home Warranty, we wanted to devise a framework to serve those budget brackets as effectively and specifically as possible. Therefore, we’ve created tiered coverage options to accommodate needs across the spectrum.

Basic Home Appliance Coverage

The most fundamental option is the Basic home appliance warranty, also known as the Limited Appliance Package. This plan includes up to five of the more significant home appliances. You can choose from the list found on our coverages page under the Basic Plan.

Standard 365 Home Warranty Plan

“Standard” is the next tier of coverage – the Complete Appliance Package. Whereas the Basic Plan includes up to five large home appliances like stovetops, clothing washers and dryers, dishwashers, and refrigerators, the Standard option includes everything on that list of fifteen appliances as well as four additional smaller appliances. Furthermore, this plan allows you to choose two major home systems, such as central heat, central AC, and electrical.

Warranty Plans with Unique Coverage Options

In order to ensure our customers get every opportunity they can to protect themselves and their home 365 Home Warranty provides additional coverage options to choose from. Protect your flat screen TV, home phone, and personal computer by purchasing our optional coverages. Unlike any other home warranty company, with 365 you can buy coverage for your home communication systems and your appliances. Make fixing your home phone, PC, or flat screen hassle-free with this exceptional ad-on coverage you won’t find anywhere else.

If you want more information about a home warranty, or about how to customize one of these packages to fit your needs, get a quote quickly and easily online today.

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