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Home Protection Basics – Part 1

18.04.2016 / Comments are off

Protect Your Home from Unexpected Events

Major Home Systems and Appliance Warranties
The first step of home protection is to find the right major appliance warranty for your home. Protect your furnace, HVAC system, kitchen appliances, washer, dryer and more with the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Fire Prevention
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention deaths from fires and burns are the “third leading cause of fatal home injury” and “On average in the United States in 2010, someone died in a fire every 169 minutes, and someone was injured every 30 minutes.” Many fire victims are injured not by the flames, but by smoke and gasses. Here are some tips on protecting both your home and family from the dangers of fire.

  • Avoid smoking inside
  • Cook safely
  • Do not use candles while under the influence alcohol, medications, or other illegal substances
  • Test your smoke alarm batteries and change them whenever necessary
  • Create a plan in case of an emergency and teach the whole family
  • Install a emergency home sprinklers or keep fire extinguishers at home
  • Keep lighters and matches away from kids
  • Hire professionasl to inspect and clean chimneys
  • Keep flammable liquids away stoves and furnaces
  • Do not leave portable heaters unattended or on while you are asleep
  • Clean the lint filter on your dryer after each load is complete


Protect Your Family, Prevent Poisoning
The National Safety Council reports that more than 60,000 children end up in emergency rooms due to medication poisoning each year. Poisons can easily be found in medication, personal care products, and cleaning products. Here are some tips for keping every member fo the family safe form the effects of toxins and poisons in the environment.

  • Keep medications closed and out of the way with safety caps
  • Keep the number to poison control accessible near all phones
  • Always follow the directions for your medication
  • Do not mix household cleaning products without reading carefully
  • Open windows and use fans when chemicals are being used inside
  • Use a carbon monoxide alarm in your home
  • Inspect your furnace every year before the winter season
  • Store household chemicals securely

In addition to poison and fire prevention home protection can also include many other important steps. Visit our blog regularly for new ideas on how to keep you and your loved one safe.