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Home Protection Basics – Part 2

18.04.2016 / Comments are off

Educate Yourself about Home Protection Basics

Home protection is an important topic for every homeowner. In order to create and maintain the safest environment for your whole family learn the basics. Protect your home and family from accidents, injuries, and unplanned expenses with these simple tips. In order to protect your home appliances and major systems consider purchasing an affordable, comprehensive home warranty.

Electrical Safety Tips

Electrical safety is an important consideration for any homeowner. Over 45,000 home fires each year are caused by electrical failure or malfunction. These tragedies lead to property damage, injuries, and even death and sometimes the fires were preventable.

1. Complete an electrical system inspection every 10 years. Get an electrical inspection if you see warning signs like sparks, buzzes, power outages, flickering lights, or odors.

2. Cover unused outlets with safety plugs.

3. Repair and replace any frayed or damaged wires.

4. Make certain all major electrical appliances are grounded.

5. Never place cords or wires under rugs or over nails.

6. Be sure to follow manufacturer directions for wattage and outlet requirements.

7. Avoid plugging more than one high-watt appliance into a single outlet.

8. Place lamps on level surfaces away from flammables.

9. Be sure to use bulbs that match recommended wattage.

10. Ensure that electrical equipment is in a dry location.

Burn PreventionTips

Burns can happen even when there is no actual fire. Burns can be prevented with a few simple reminders. Follow these tips and make your home safer.

1. Do not hold kids while cooking near the stove or carrying hot foods. When kids are around use back burners as much as possible and turn pan and oot handles away from the edge. Keep hot foods a safe distance fom the counter edges.

2. Do not leave hair curlers or curling irons unattended.

3. Keep matches, gasoline, and lighters stored safely and out of the reach of kids.

4. Prevent the chance for scalding by adjusting your water heater to 120 degrees. Turn on cold water first when filling the bathtub, and mix in warmer water carefully.

5. Always use oven mitts or potholders when handling hot food. Mitts that cover both hands and wrists are best.

Cut Prevention Tips

Cuts can be common household occurrances, but they cans till be dangerous, especially for children. Follow these simple rules to protect your family

1. Store sharp knives out of reach of children.

2. Always carefully pay attention and do not rush while cutting.

3. Do not attempt to catch a falling knife.

Learn more about how 365 Home Warranty can help you put together a comprehensive home protection package or read our other article in this series: Home Protection Part 1. We make your safety and protection our top priority. Get a quote today.