Home Protection Checklist

Your Home Protection Checklist

Homeowner’s Insurance: A Top Priority for Protecting your Home

Here are the most common types of homeowner’s insurance:

Dwelling: protection of the building itself and unattached structures like sheds

Personal Property: includes the contents of your home like furniture, clothing, and appliances. (This may sound like extended warranty insurance, but this pertains to theft and damages from emergency situations like flooding. Extended warranties do not include this sort of emergency coverage.)

Liability: protects you when you are legally liable for someone else’s injuries or property damage. This is the case when someone has an accident on your property, or negligent acts by you or household members (on or off premises) result in injury or damage.

Medical payments: protects your pocketbook from medical bills incurred by people who are injured on your property. In some cases it can cover you off your property as well i.e. if your dog bites someone.

Start with the Basics: A Home Maintenance Plan

In addition to purchasing insurance and all of the bells and whistles of a home security system, basic home protection can start with your own action steps around the house. Establish a weekly and seasonal maintenance plan to check up on home systems, appliances, and structures. For example, monthly tasks would include checking AC filters to prevent dust buildup. For a full home maintenance plan, see our blog post on Monthly Home Maintenance.

Home Security Systems: To Secure your Family and Your House


A home security system is not just a safeguard against burglary – it can also extend into other realms of protection as well. In addition to cameras and alarms, many home security systems offer comprehensive packages for temperature monitoring, smoke and carbon monoxide detection and even flood or medical alerts.

Home Protection Warranties

Home warranties like plans from 365 cover major and minor appliances as well as home systems to protect against naturally occurring breakdown from everyday use. Home warranties insure your larger investments, such as a refrigerator, stovetop, and central heating and ventilation systems by providing repair, maintenance, and replacement for the duration of the plan.

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