Home Protection

Why Should I get a Home Protection Plan?

Key Features of Comprehensive Home Protection Plans

Smart home protection starts with homeowner’s insurance, which protects your home against storms, break-ins, flooding, and other natural or man-made misfortunes. However, these policies do not extend to wear and tear of some of the major systems throughout your house. For these, you need a home protection warranty. Home warranty protection covers systemic components of your house like your water heater and HVAC system, which are integral to your comfort and incredibly pricey if they need to be repaired or replaced. Furthermore, home warranty protection includes larger appliances, like your refrigerator and washing machine and smaller appliances, like your microwave or toaster. Collectively, this comprehensive home warranty plan will support repairs if any or all of these systems and appliances have problems due to their natural use and decline.

Define Home Protection in a New Way


At 365 Home Warranty, we are doing our best to reframe your perception of the industry by providing reliable support, affordable protection plans, and compassionate customer service. We stand with our customers and behind our product, and take both responsibility for and pride in the service we provide. Furthermore, we have a commitment to social responsibility that goes beyond our protection plans. We donate $2.00 from every purchase to one of our approved organizations selected by the customer at the time of purchase. Through this social responsibility aspect of our mission, our company promotes ideas and philosophies that serve to benefit, elevate, and empower individuals to create a healthier nation, and a better society.

365’s Coverage Plans Protect more than Your Home

We not only want to protect your home, we want to protect your family and its most valuable assets. By providing lockout and roadside services at no additional cost, we aim to offer peace of mind about your family’s security both inside and outside the home. Additionally, as computers are now vital to most families’ information – from financial statements to photos to your daughter’s thesis – we add computer repair services as an optional additional coverage on any of our package plans.

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