Lockout Services

Avoid Unplanned Expenses with a Professional Lockout Service

A home warranty is an investment in the protection of your home, somewhat like healthcare. You are paying upfront costs in the event of a breakdown of your major appliances so that you are not stuck with large repair or replacement bills all at once. One of the many perks of 365 Home Warranty Premium Plan is that in addition to this protection, you also receive this additional coverage at no extra cost: appliances that are not typically protected under regular warranties, such as TVs or PCs, and added services in case of a lockout from your car. Amending these inconveniences comes at no additional cost in your warranty as they are an addition to the premium plan.

365 Home Warranty Offers Comprehensive Auto Lockout Services

If you’ve locked yourself out of your vehicle, you are already covered by your home warranty package. The premium home warranty package comes with additional lockout services for your cars as well as re-key services if you’ve lost your keys altogether (no promises on finding and replacing anyone’s marbles, however).

Senior woman holding car key and smiling to you from a car

Lockout Services Are also Provided with 365 Home Warranty Premium Plan Coverage

Choose Lock Out Professionals that Make Customer Service a Top Priority

We make it our job to ensure service from top quality professionals in all fifty states across the country. Local representatives can assist you with choosing coverage options and making claims if you need a repair or a lockout service. Quality of care is just as important as home protection and financial security and we make it our mission to ensure that customer service is a top priority in every aspect of our warranty services – from roadside assistance to re-key and lockout support to repair and replacement services of your home appliances.

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