PC Protection Coverage

Add PC Protection to any Home Warranty Plan

Whether you purchase the basic, standard or premium home warranty plan, you have the option to add additional PC computer protection. PC protection under a 365 extended warranty covers repair or replacement depending on the situation.

What does the PC Plan Cover?

This plan protects one desktop or one laptop PC computer, as well as a modem or router built into the computer. We provide free technical support through remote assistance from a live representative. If that doesn’t do the trick, the next step is in-person support. For desktop computers, we provide on-site repair services. We can also ship the computer to a repair site, which is the procedure we take for laptop repairs. Just like our protection policies for all other home appliances, we will replace your PC if the repairs for the claim cannot be made.

Why Protect my PC Computer?

For those who don’t have a go-to tech guru, tech support can be both painful and expensive. Tech support is often needed most right when a deadline hits; which also always seems to coincide with the repairman’s vacation. No need to go frenetically digging through Google or the Yellow Pages to guess at which computer repair service will be quick, effective, and affordable. For the peace of mind in knowing that you can always access competent, helpful tech-support for a pre-determined price at any time of day or night, this alone is worth the purchase of a warranty plan.

Other Coverage Options Availabe with 365 Home Warranty

All plans come with option to buy additional coverage(s). This doesn’t just go for PC protection – it encompasses a host of other appliances and systems like home phones and flat screen TVs.

Here is a list of our additional coverage options for electronics, available with any 365 Home Warranty plan:

  • PC computer – desktop or laptop
  • Home phone
  • Flat screen TV

In addition to the electronic coverages the 365 team also offers coverage options for:

  • In-ground pool
  • In-ground spa
  • Well pump
  • Septic system
  • Lawn sprinkler system
  • Whole home humidifier

For the full list of additional coverage options, see our Coverages page.

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