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What Major Appliance Repairs are Covered by a Home Warranty?

365 Home Warranty designs its plans to fit your family’s specific needs and budget. If your main objective is to protect the hefty, expensive appliances like refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers, water heaters, you might opt for our Basic Plan, which allows you to choose up to five major home appliances from the list.

More comprehensive Standard Plans include all appliances from the list (as opposed to just the top five) and allow you to choose two major home systems, like the central heating and AC or the house’s ductwork. Finally, the Premium Plan includes all major appliances, smaller appliances, and major home systems. Besure and review all of the coverages available and let us know if you have any questions about our full range of options.

Protect Your Wallet with Unexpected Kitchen Appliance Repair and Replacement

A home warranty, like other forms of insurance, is intended to protect your pocket in case of an emergency. However, unlike long-term insurance, this is not something you are buying every month, but rather a package to extend protection of your valuable and expensive possessions within your home. These are everyday practical use items that are subject to wear-and-tear from consistent use. They are expensive items that are often a large financial decision for a family. What the home warranty does, then, is to cover repair and replacement for an extended period of time beyond the appliance’s original warranty. It also covers systems in the house that have no original warranty like the ducts and plumbing.

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Avoid the Inconvenience of Washing and Dryer Repair and Replacement

There is no need to wait until your pants catch fire to make sure there’s really a dryer problem. No need to scroll through Google and Facebook for a reliable repair person. No need to bite your nails to the nubbins waiting for a diagnosis. No need to crunch numbers and reduce your life to a scale – new dryer vs. repair; new dryer vs. car payment; which child generates the most laundry vs. which child would draw the highest bid in an auction. With a home warranty, your major home appliances are under an extended warranty so you can skip all of these stressful steps. At the first inkling of a general wear-and-tear issue – a burning smell, a thumping sound in the washer, a general loss of youthful zip – your resolution is one phone call away with the payment already taken care of through your home warranty protection plan.

Your 365 Home Warranty Covers more than the Repair of Household Appliances

Beyond household appliances, 365 Home Warranty offers additional services with the purchase of a premium package. These added perks include roadside repair service, lockout and re-key services, and added additional options to include other warranty items not typically covered by most home warranties on the market.

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